Protest against Reports of widespread alleged EVM tampering across the country

Revolutionary Workers’Party of India (#RWPI) along with several mass organizations and citizens protested at the Election Commission of India office in Delhi against the suspicious movements of EVMs’ and the conduct of Election Commission throughout the elections. It is one of most fundamental democratic rights of every citizen that their vote should represent their will and any interference whatsoever on exercise of this will on anyone’s part is highly condemnable and speaks volumes about the state of things this country is currently witnessing. It seems that the body which is entrusted with overseeing the electoral process independently, i.e., the Election Commission is itself working in cohorts with the ruling dispensation which leads one to think that this entire process is being compromised. If the EC cannot ensure free and fair elections, then needless to say, there arise doubts over whole election process. Sunny, member of Revolutionary Workers Party of India said that there are two reasons which are sufficient to cast doubts over the authencity of the whole process of election; one, trucks and tempos filled with EVM’s are being caught near strong rooms throughout the country and second, Election Commission is not making public the dissent by Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa in its order. Represntatives from Revolutionary workers party of India (RWPI), Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Disha Student Organisation, IFTU and Mahendra Paswan, candidate from North-East Delhi from Mazdoor Kirayedar Vikas Party and concerned citizens joined the protest. They demanded that 100% VVPAT counting should be done otherwise they will be forced to boycott the results.