Fascist Attack on JNU Students

Counter the Fascist Attack on JNU Students!
Fighting Fascism on the Streets is the Only Way Out!!


On the night of 5th January, fascist gangs of ABVP, RSS, and Bajrang Dal entered the JNU campus under police protection and mercilessly beat up the students. They attacked not only students but also assaulted professors with sticks and iron rods. They attacked the girls’ hostels with acid, and entered the rooms of women students to beat them up. The same police that shelled AMU and Jamia campuses with tear gas bombs and Sten guns watched over silently the acid attacks on students and assaults on professors and students with iron rods for 2 hours. And during this time the street lights on campus and surrounding areas are turned off. The fascist thugs pelted stones on an ambulance in front of the police. People like Yogendra Yadav who had come to protest against the attack were manhandled and attacked, journalists were also attacked, and the police acted as mute spectators. This attack was clearly state-sponsored because without police protection such an attack and conspiracy was impossible to accomplish and even conceive. It is being confirmed on many Whatsapp groups that this attack was conducted by the ABVP and the RSS under the patronage and shielding of the police.

We have to give a befitting reply to this attack and start a decisive and sustained struggle against fascist forces. If we do not respond now, the fascists will succeed in their endeavours and turn India into Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. In Germany too, before converting the whole nation into a vast torture-house and concentration camp, fascist brigades under the protection of the State had organised large scale attacks on minorities and their institutions which could not be countered. The Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glasses) in Germany and the Turin Massacre in Italy are examples through which the fascists attacked their opponents and every single voice of resistance across Germany and Italy was stifled. The Modi regime, too, is trampling whatever little we have left of democratic rights and moving towards an open naked dictatorship. The fascists stunned by the uprising against the CAA-NRC-NPR are in readiness to bring the repressive machinery into force. The attempts to crush this uprising have already cost dozens of lives and thousands of arrests and yet the uprising has not been vanquished. Similarly, the students of JNU have been fighting unwaveringly against the fee hike for the past 73 days, and here too, the government has failed to make the students submit. Therefore, now they want to break the peoples’ movements and protests through state sponsored violence of its lumpen gunda brigades.

Those Opposing Fee Hike, Those Demanding Employment, Those Demanding Bread, the Havoc will Rain on Everybody!

No! Do not stay under the illusion that the heat of these attacks will not reach you. The hidden intent of this fascist barbarism is to safeguard the profit of the capitalists by drowning the people in blood to salvage a sinking economy mired in the ever-deepening crisis. On the one hand, a law is being passed to divide the people on the basis of religion through NRC and NPR. This law will transform billions of poor people into an army of slaves for cheap labour that will toil as prisoners or second-class citizens in detention centers. On the other hand, the fascist state is resorting to laathis and bullets against the student population that is in the front ranks of the protest against this black law. The attack on labour laws has been going on since long and the workers’ movements across the country have had to face police repression. This repression is only going to grow. Whether you are looking for employment,  studying, or employed in wage slavery, if you speak up against the state then you will be targetted by all the fascist thug brigades. After the minorities, students, and workers, you will also be targetted. This all-round attack will continue until we do not fight unitedly and win. There is no other way left. All forces that stand against fascism must unite today otherwise tomorrow might be too late.

This Age of Darkness will Pass! Those who Fight Shall Win!!

Revolutionary Workers Party of India (RWPI)

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  • January 8, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    It is height of injustice that police refused to protect students and refuses to identify the attacker goons

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