An attempt, yet again, by the deceptive fascist BJP government to win the elections by creating a nationalist frenzy in the name of “nation’s safety”!!

An attempt, yet again, by the deceptive fascist BJP government to win the elections by creating a nationalist frenzy in the name of “nation’s safety”!!

– Revolutionary Workers’ Party of India (RWPI)

News of a terrorist attack on an Air Force convoy came from the Poonch district of Jammu Kashmir on 4th May. A soldier was killed in this attack, and four others have been injured. At this instance, many analysts are raising this question: why is it that such news of terrorist attacks and infiltrations on the border suddenly escalate right when elections are around the corner and the BJP is in danger of losing its position? Let us note here that the voting of two phases of Lok Sabha elections are over and the BJP is apparently not in a good position.

On that account, it makes complete sense that such questions would be raised. How could the question of our country’s safety be handled so lightly and poorly under the “strong” leadership of our Prime Minister Modi? How can such a “strong” government which is invested day and night in the safeguarding of the country commit such a mistake every single time? After the completion of two phases of election and in view of BJP’s poor performance in them, many people were speculating that there might be a chance of some tension arising in the border or some terrorist attack; and this speculation turned into truth at the drop of a hat!

This question is neither spontaneous nor unanticipated. If one glances over the conditions of our country in the last ten years, one would easily be able to find out that these years have witnessed an unprecedented and record-breaking level of inflation, unemployment, corruption, and communalism. There is extreme discontent and anger among the common masses because of the pro-rich policies of the Modi government. After having deployed all malicious tricks possible to win the election, now an anxious BJP is using the tactics of ultra-nationalism and religion in order to make its lotus bloom. The BJP and Sangh Parivar try to fool the people by instigating jingoistic war frenzy among them against Pakistan or China and by trying to distract them from their real issues.

Anyway, whatever transpired in Poonch in the last few days lays bare the truth behind the fake promises of Modi’s “guarantee of security”. It’s another thing that the BJP and Modi government will now use this very incident to ask people to choose a “strong” government; an attempt to eat their cake and have it too! Choose BJP in order to be safe from terrorist attacks! This same BJP has been ruling for the last 10 years and has not been able to stop terrorist attacks! The toiling masses and common citizens of the country are now getting to know the reality behind “guarantee of security” and “strong leadership” with each passing day.

This government is trying to turn this incident into an election opportunity for itself instead of taking the responsibility for the soldiers’ death or admitting its own inefficiency. During a program in the headquarters of BJP in Delhi on August 15th, PM Modi said in his speech, “Today, many places in our own country and in the world are gripped with some kind of tension, conditions of war are prevailing in these places. Under such conditions, our citizens’ safety becomes our primary responsibility. For this, a consistent and strong government needs to be chosen with an absolute majority.”

Who is not aware of the reality behind this “strong government” and its “nationalism”? Frauds ranging from the scam related to the purchase of coffins for soldiers in Kargil war, to the incidents in Pulwama and Balkot are known stories for everybody. Satyapal Malik, a former governor who has held high positions during different governments including the BJP, has straight-up held the Modi government accountable for the Pulwama attack.

Today it is necessary to understand this conspiracy of the fascist Modi government. After the 2019 Pulwama attack (which has not been investigated to this point), the Modi government gathered a huge number of votes in the name of national security. He had promised that if he retained power, the “guarantee” of the nation’s “security” would be in his hands. After this attack, the truth behind this “guarantee” has also been revealed. But it doesn’t end here. The Modi government is now using this incident to appeal for votes in this election. The same government whose negligence has caused this incident (although some people are expressing doubts as to whether this was mere negligence or something else) is also asking for votes based on it instead of accepting its own mistake.

DSP Devendra Singh was caught with the A-list terrorists of Hizbullah during the tenure of Modi government in 2020. It is a government which makes the youth of the country perform “patriotism” under contract, as proven by the Agniveer scheme.

History has been witness to the fact that once elections are around the corner, the Godi media and the entire propaganda machinery of the fascists dedicate themselves to spreading the wave of war frenzy and ultranationalism in the country as soon as they receive any news of tension or clashes in the border. Amidst the echoing noises of slogans like “Teach the enemy a lesson!”, “We want revenge, not jobs”, “Kill them in their own house!”, “Come forward for the national interest!”, the real issues of people get swept under the rug. Eventually, it is the common masses who have to bear the brunt of these military clashes and war frenzy. Be it tension in the border, war frenzy, or communal riots, it is the common people who lose their lives while the sons and daughters of the leaders and ministers of BJP are living luxurious lives abroad. Collecting votes on dead bodies by spreading such frenzy is part of the very politics of fascists.

Today it becomes imperative to reveal to the workers, poor peasants, and the entire toiling masses the real nature of fascist politics and to expose the reality behind the noise of its ultranational and aggressive war frenzy. Although, many of them are already aware of these facts through their own experiences.